It’s all about the Customers

Window Cleaning Center Would like to Share with you this: It’s all about the Customers
This resource is provided to help anyone start their own window cleaning business. * So you’ve decided you want to start a window cleaning business. You’re ready to become your own boss and you’re prepared to work hard to make a success of it. So, what next? OK, some general, but important, facts about all businesses: All businesses only remain in business because of the PROFIT they make. PROFIT is generated from INCOME (Income, also known as Turnover,  Sales or Revenue). INCOME is the total amount of money your business generates/receives for the service you provide (or the product you supply). PROFIT = INCOME minus all expenses associated with providing a service (or manufacturing and supplying a product). This profit is the figure you are taxed on. The money remaining, after tax, is called NET PROFIT (also known as the bottom line). This net profit is the money you will draw…
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